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[[The Oxford Comma Debate]]

!!Welcome to the Summer Prep Academy with Project [=GRAD=] - Week 3

*Writing Warm-up

*Morning Work - [=TSI=] Reading Practice Test 2 - Questions 1-25 (Independent and Whole Group Action to Discuss)
**Remember to use '''Active Reading Strategies''' by making some personal connections the ideas in the readings.
**Use context clues to help you draw inferences about the text and to help with complex vocabulary.
**Underline information from the passages that would support the answer you choose. If you can't find this textual support, maybe you should reconsider your answer.
**Read closely for meaning.

*Afternoon Work - Commas Rules

[[Monday, June 26, 2017]]

[[Tuesday, June 27, 2017]]

[[Wednesday, June 28, 2017]]