Monday Announcements

  • Biology Test on Friday
  • How did Chem go? Who is planning to meet with Dr. Felix?
  • Registration stories

Monday Class Plans -- Strategies for the Rest of the Semester

LC Goals

  • Building a community of inquirers based on independent thinking and collaboration
  • Mindfully and reflectively using evidenced-based information and writing to solve problems, advance inquiry, and improve communication skills
  • Transferring and synthesizing knowledge in both personal and academic contexts.
  • Embracing academic, social, and personal responsibility
  • Research Journals for Everyone and Thinking about the Reflective Overview for Galvan's class
  • Research Project for Non-English Folks --- your first due date is approaching on the 19th!

Looking Ahead and Homework

  • Work on your research projects for the integrated assignment
    • Audience
    • Purpose
    • Genre
  • Study for Biology
  • Review Chemistry and Bio

The photo above most likely features which of the following types of plants ---C3, C4, or CAM?

Wednesday Announcements

  • An upcoming and coming cool event featuring scholarship on the #MeToo Movement
    • Dr. Gill is an associate professor of political science at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. There she is also the director of the Women's Research Institute of Nevada. In early 2018 Dr. Gill shared her #metoo story which ultimately prompted the resignation of the prominent scholar who sexually harassed her.
    • Dr. Gill will deliver her keynote at 6:30pm, Thursday April 11 in Bay Hall 103. It is entitled:
    • Challenging the Myth: Toward Empathy in Law & Culture in the #MeToo Era
    • On Friday April 12, Dr. Gill will give a brownbag presentation of her research in Island Hall 267 at 11am. The presentation is entitled: "A Good Judge? Measurement and Mayhem in Judicial Performance Evaluations"

Wednesday Class Plans

  • Biology Test Prep and Kahoot Action
  • Research Talk
    • Jack
    • Miranda
    • Elisya
    • and all the Galvan Crew!
  • Registration Tales

Looking Ahead and Homework

  • Did you finish your Biology homework?
  • ALEKS???
  • Looking down the home stretch -- CUMULATIVE EXAMS!