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[[ | SLO Lollapalooza PowerPoint]]
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!!Looking Ahead and Homework

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!!Wednesday Class Plans
[[ | '''Campus Resources''']]
*'''Business Etiquette Dinner: 5:30pm-7pm, February 26, 2019'''
*'''All Major Career Expo, Feb 27, 2019: Panel 10am-11am, Fair 11am-2pm'''

!!Wednesday Class Plans --- Student Learning Outcomes for Seminar, English, and Learning Community S

*Working on the RO for the Midterm Portfolio

*Working on the [[ | Midterm Reflection for the NON-English Folks]] --- We need to discuss DUE DATES!
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*Keep working on Developing a Growth Mindset about YOUR ABILITIES TO LEARN!
*Look back/Look Forward/Make Adjustments
*Seek help
*Adopt a problem-solving mentality
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!!Monday Class Plans
!!Monday and Wednesday Class Plans
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**Class Schedules for Summer and Fall go live on March 18th
**Registration starts on April 1st!

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*'''Attendance in Biology and Work in Learning Catalytics'''
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*[[ | Step Afrika!]]

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*'''Seminar Assignment on Growth Mindset/Fixed Mindset is due in Blackboard'''
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*'''Let's Give Our Attention to Your Academic Advisors'''
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!!Monday Announcements

!!Monday Class Plans

!!Looking Ahead and Homework

!!Wednesday Announcements

!!Wednesday Class Plans

!!Looking Ahead and Homework