Welcome to Learning Community S!


  • Monday - No classes -- MLK Day on Jan. 21st

First Day of Class Shenanigans -- Community Building

  • Introductions
    • ME
    • YOU
      • Old Folks
      • New Folks
  • Photos by Section
  • Modes of Communication
    • Blackboard
    • Wiki
    • Email
    • Office Hours
    • Class Time
  • Learning Community S - Tetrad and Triad!
    • Our Theme - "Building of Community of Inquiry and Inquirers and Developing our Habits of Mind"
    • The Learning Community S Structure
      • Biology
      • Chemistry
      • Writing and Rhetoric (A few of you don't have this course! Let me know who you are!)
      • Seminar

Now, for our first IN-CLASS Writing Assignment!

On your sheet paper from our photo shoot, write a free-wheeling reflection about your goals and concerns for the semester! Let me know the following:

  • Who you are and where you are from?
  • Let me know if you are working this semester.
  • Give me a sense of how your last semester went.
  • Who was your seminar instructor last semester?
  • Goals and concerns?


  • Read over your syllabi and come to class with questions at the ready! (See sidebar on this wiki for syllabus)
  • Buy your books!
  • Start thinking about our LC Theme and the BIG QUESTIONS that we are pondering this semester (see above)!

See you on Wednesday!!!!!!

Wednesday Announcements

  • Questions, Comments, and Concerns?

Wednesday Class Plans -- Focusing Today "Learning to Learn"

  • Learning to Learn & Learning New Languages
    • Distributed Practice or Spaced Repetition - yes
    • Cramming - no
  • Chem Notes

Looking Ahead and Homework

  • Monday - No classes -- MLK Day on Jan. 21st
  • See you on WEDNESDAY