Monday Announcements

  • Extra Credit Opportunities - why are students letting extra credit opportunities slip past?
    • Taking a Selfie at the Office Train has passed
    • EC --3D model of cell due Feb. 15th
    • EC -- Secret Life of Cells Feb. 17th
  • Homework in Biology due Today: Experimental Components Assignment
  • Science in the News: The Periodic Table

Monday Class Plans

  • Comments and Questions About Biology, Chemistry or English?
  • Get Out Your Homework! Remember that you are supposed to bring a some sort study aid of your own devising from your first lectures in Chemistry. Here is the area that you were assigned: Topic Assignments for Chemistry
  • It's Quiz Time

Looking Ahead and Homework

STUDY DAILY -- Spaced Repetition, Use or Lose It, and Active Recall Testing

Wednesday Announcements

Wednesday Class Plans

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
    • Let's Look at Dr. Felix's Practice Test
    • Your Study Guides

Looking Ahead and Homework