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*How was the Lab Practical for Biology

*Chem Test Results

*First Year Research Conference
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*Biology Test Prep Stuff

*Questions or Concerns about Your Reflective Overview for Professor Galvan's class & Seminar or on the Midterm Reflection for the folks who don't have Writing and Rhetoric with Professor Galvan?
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*'''Reminder: Mastering Biology Homework due Today on Ch. 6!'''
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**'''[[ | What in the Heck is a CNC Router?]] I had to look it up myself in a true RESEARCHING TO LEARN moment!'''
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*Chemistry Exam -- how did it go?

*Biology Test Prep!

*Researching to Learn -- Working on Your Projects
**Everyone linked with Professor Galvan
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*Study for Biology

*Work on your Midterm Reflection and Reflective Overview
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*See Library Workshops up Above

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!!Monday Announcements

!!Monday Class Plans

!!Looking Ahead and Homework

!!Wednesday Announcements

!!Wednesday Class Plans

!!Looking Ahead and Homework