Here are some broad categories of purpose to help you think about your purpose for the New Genre in Writing Project 3!

Express and Reflect

  • The writer……describes something from their own experience

…uses that experience to reflect on who they are as a person, how they fit in the world, and/or broader questions about culture, humanity, and the planet

Inform and Explain

  • The writer……tells the reader about something (or someone) they didn’t know about before, or gives new information about someone (or something) they already know about.

Evaluate and Judge

  • The writer……”reviews” something (could be a restaurant, song, sports team, Youtube video, brand of cell phone, etc.)
  • The writer…may compare two or more things (“what was the best goal in the World Cup?” “Who’s a better dancer, Rihanna or Beyonce?”)

Enquire and Explore

  • The writer……takes on an open-ended question or problem
  • The writer…explores it and “wrestles with it” during the course of the piece

Analyze and Interpret

  • The writer……examines a scientific study, piece of data, movie, poem, meme, etc., and analyzes its form and content, thereby revealing interesting things about both the thing under analysis, and the wider world.

Take a stand/ Propose a Solution

  • The writer……makes an argument about something that matters to him or her.
  • The writer…may be writing in order to propose a specific solution, or simply to expose a problem.

[This is adapted from Appendix 1 of Kelly Gallagher’s Write Like This (Stenhouse Publishers, 2011). Gallagher adapted his list from Bean, Chappell, and Gillam’s Reading Rhetorically (Longman, 2003)]