The Prized Jewel (or preferred source) in Academic Settings is an article from a scholarly, peer-reviewed journal

Here is what a library has to say about this type of source

In academic settings, scholarly, peer-reviewed articles published in reputable journals are held in high esteem. For your academic presentation, you should plan to use at least two sources from a scholarly, peer-reviewed journal. Ideally, you should have at least 1 scholarly, peer-reviewed journal for your Source Reviews.

How is a scholarly, peer-reviewed journal different from other sources:

  • caters to a specialized audience of experts in a field of study (i.e., historians, chemists, psychologists, elementary school teachers)
  • offers original research and arguments on issues and concepts
  • uses highly specialized language particular to a field of study
  • acknowledges the important contributions from other scholars who have published work on this particular topic
  • relies on academic citation system associated with a particular field of study