Word Choice Issues

Writers have to spend a lot of time developing ideas into a full-fledged essay or presentation. They must construct and compose paragraphs. Each paragraph is comprised of a collection of sentences. Each sentence is made up of words. Words are the basic building blocks used by writers. Subsequently, writers need to pay considerable attention to word choice.

  • What is connotation? What is denotation?
  • Word Choice Problem -- You decide:
    • The Grimke Sisters fought viciously for women's rights and the abolition of slavery.
  • Word Choice Problem -- You decide: Apart or a part
    • Clara Barton being apart of the American Civil War was important.

Writers need to express themselves in a clear and direct fashion that is explicit and specific. Using details and examples and citing sources can make a piece of writing stronger. Avoid vague, generic, or empty statements. Avoid overstatement.

  • Evaluate the second sentence here. What do you think the author meant by this statement?
    • In 1782 Deborah Sampson dressed as a man and fought in the Revolutionary War. She changed everything.
  • Evaluate this sentence, bearing in mind that writers should avoid making generic statements.
    • During this time period we had people who wanted to keep equality with everyone and everybody.