Working in small groups, you will go about the task of answering the following questions for your Rhetorical Analysis. In addition to answering them, you will need to find textual evidence to support your answers from the primary source and the Hollitz essay.

Practice citing the textual evidence in MLA format. You can summarize, paraphrase, or directly quote.

Direct Quote Example:

  • Historian John Hollitz notes, "In the year after the rebellion, these planters turned to another form of labor exploitation, relying increasingly on slaves rather than servants to wrest the wealth from the land" (29).

Paraphrase Example:

  • Historian John Hollitz points out that Virginia colonist began a shift away from indentured labor to slavery in the aftermath of Bacon's Rebellion (28).

Primary Source Direct Quote Example:

William Berkeley makes use of ethos to convince Virginians to side with him against Bacon by presenting himself as loyal subject of the king who is willing to lay down his life for the good of the community. Berkeley also tries to build his credibility by noting that he has the "assistance of God" on the matter with Bacon (qtd. in Hollitz 30).