One of the SLOs from Your Portfolio and Working on Reflection

Develop and use effective reading and revision strategies to strengthen the writer’s ability to compose college-level writing assignments.

In order to write about most anything, you need to understand it and analyze it in some way. One method that you can use to foster understanding and analyzing is inquiry.


So, let's ask some questions about this SLO and how it applies to our learning process.

  • What are some of my writing struggles?
  • What is a strategy???
  • What are some reading strategies that I use to address my struggles?
  • What are some revision techniques that I use to address my writing struggles?
  • What is a college-level assignment? How is it different from a high school assignment?
  • How do I use reading and revision in my writing now that I am in college?
  • Do my strategies always work?
  • What have I learned about myself as a writer and/or a learner by stopping to reflect on this?
  • How can I use the idea of "strategy" in other settings outside of school?

Here is How I Might Respond!

Now, if you went about answering all these questions, you would have lots of material to shape into a section of a reflective essay.

Let's Try This Again --- Inquiry with a 1302 SLO

How would you use inquiry to better understand and analyze this SLO from 1302

Explain what they have learned from being a novice in new writing situations, and describe how these experiences, which might include failure, contribute to their willingness to accept new challenges as a writer