Review the Assignment Instructions

'Minimum Requirements to be eligible for a 70

  • 6 full pages
  • APA format with title page and running head, 1-inch margins
  • 6 sources cited in-text and same 6 sources listed on References
  • References must be alphabetized and have hanging indents
  • Creative title that reflects the content of the paper


  • A strong thesis statement helps with focus. I want you to be very explicit and very clear about what you are doing in your paper. Here is a sample thesis statement:

In this essay, I investigate how gender is portrayed and constructed in the media by analyzing two songs, "Medicine Man" and "Las Vegas" by Eminem. Eminem is a well-known and controversial rap artists. I argue that his lyrics in these songs contribute to a cultural presence in American society that demeans women. Specifically, I argue that Eminem's lyrics are evidence of the way media perpetuates a "rape culture," which normalizes sexual violence in our society. In doing so, I also investigate the term "rape culture" and the influence of the media on our lives. Finally, I argue that citizens need to become more thoughtful and discerning media consumers in order to create a more just and compassionate society for both men and women.

What does your thesis statement say? What are you arguing?


  • How are you going to organize your paper to support your thesis?
  • Can you outline your paper around main sections and ideas?


  • Paragraph Structure
    • Topic Sentence
    • Evidence
    • Analysis