Sometimes students are presented with representations of the Writing Process as a neat graphic that depicts a smooth flow from start to finish with the neat steps of prewriting, drafting, revision, and editing that culminate with that beautiful last step, PUBLISHING (for students this is also known as '''Turning That Sucker in!)

However, often times, the lived experiences of our own personal writing processes don't resemble that neat linear flow because our writing and thoughts are much messier and complicated.

Our writing processes are often recursive, zigging and zagging, all over the place and moving back and forth.

So, for this Writing Into the Day, I would like you to DRAW your own personal Writing Process. Please depict your own unique process! Be creative and daring in the ways you have responded to the challenges of the Rhetorical Analysis!

  • Do this drawing on a piece of paper.
  • Take a pic of your drawing.
  • Put the pic in your Writing Folder.
  • Turn in your pic to me on Friday.