Writing Project 3: Learning Community E Writing Project

This writing project is comprised of two pieces of writing:

  • A Critical Analysis of a topic in American History, prior to Reconstruction (1865), and preferably, post-revolution.
  • A piece of writing in a new genre in which you connect your historical topic to a current issue in American society or politics.

Due Dates

  • The FINAL draft of the Critical Analysis is due November 11.
  • The FIRST draft of new genre is also due on November 11; you will receive limited feedback on this draft. Then, the FINAL draft of the WP 3 New Genre is due November 21 via Black Board.


Your score for WP 3 will consist of your average of your Critical Analysis and your New Genre. This Learning Community E project counts in all three Learning Community courses, and so is heavily weighted.
Moreover, your work on these two pieces of writing will serve as the foundation for your presentation at the First Year Symposium.