StudentMedia ObjectTopic
Samantha Andradefilm EnoughGender and Domestic Violence
Trevor Carson??????
Sierra CasaresRolling Stone CoversSexualization of Women in the Media
Kristen Chapa"Beauty Hurts'''empowerment of women
Alicia DiazGame of ThronesRape in the Media and Society
Rose KyoshiFilm Mean Girlsstereotypes
Christina LealCoverGirl? CoverboyGender Construction of Men
Ronaldo LunaX Factor"Cultural Appropriation"
Jessica OrdonesTwitterHastags? LGBT and ChristiansGender and sexuality construction from Christian Viewpoint
Alyssa ParksSpring Breakers filmGender Stereotypes
Andrew Pelayocell 2cell 3
Justice Perez3 Female Disney CharactersGender Stereotypes and Changes Over Time
Thalia PerezDebatesGender Double Standards with the Presidential Campaign
Sophia PikeCoverGirl Ad Campaign with CoverBoyGender Construction and Makeup
Giancarlo Quninones???Media's Treatment of Professional Female Soccer Athletes
Sol ReascoAmerican Apparel Ad CampaignSexualization/objectification of Women
Jalissa Rivera????Media Coverage on Gay Marriage
Esmeralda RosalesSeventeen MagazinePositive Negative images
Hannah TjadenClinton Campaign Ad "Mirror"Feminism and Presidential Politics
Roselyn Vallscell 2cell 3
Alexandra Wells???Transgender Athletes
Brandon Wilsoncell 2cell 3

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Prewriting and Analyzing Activity