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*Manifest Destiny: God-given right for Americans to spread their influence from the Atlantic to the Pacific

*Mexican-American War (1846-1848)
**Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo 1848
***California, Texas, Colorado, NM, Arizona
***protection of Mexican settlers - citizenship
***by 1853 - modern boundaries set

'''Henry David Thoreau''' - ''Civil Disobedience'' 1849
*refused to pay taxes - jailed

*Wilmot Proviso - 1846
**no expansion of slavery in new territories gained after the War with Mexico

*Compromise of 1850
**Cali was free
**abolition of slave '''trade''' in D.C.
**Fug. Slave Laws strengthened
**Utah and New Mexico territories

*Popular Sovereignty - people residing in the territory voted

*Kansas Nebraska Act 1854 - pop. sov.
**Bleeding Kansas 1856

*Dred Scott Decision 1857
**enslaved person were not citizens - cannot sue for freedom
**Congress cannot ban slavery - Missouri Compromise found unconstitutional
**residence of an enslaved person in a free state does not mean freedom

*John Brown at Harper's Ferry (1859)
**attack federal arsenal
**weaponized slaves - rebellion
**failed - hung
Added lines 1-33:
Missouri Compromise - '''Henry Clay'''
*Missouri (slave)
*Maine (free)
*36'30 boundary - (below) slave states; (above) free states
*fugitive/escaped slaves had to be returned to the south

Andrew Jackson - Indian Removal
*Indian Removal Act (1830)
*Worchester v. Georgia (1832)
*Trial of Tears (1838-1839)

**5 Civilized Tribes

*William Lloyd Garrison - ''The Liberator''; printer, writer
*Frederick Douglass - ''The North Star''; ''The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass''; former slave, women's rights advocate
*Harriet Beecher Stowe - ''Uncle's Tom Cabin''; condemnation of slavery
*Harriet Tubman - escaped slavery; conductor (Underground Railroad); spy for the Union

Women's Rights Movement:
*Elizabeth Cady Stanton - ''Declaration of Sentiments''
*Lucretia Mott - organized the Convention at Seneca Falls (1848)

Multi-Pronged Approach:
*rallies, meeting - political action (petitions)
*helped escaped slaves