Many American sought to create a distinctly American republic during the first half of the nineteenth century. Discuss these efforts, making sure to explain the economic and demographic contexts in which they occurred as well as contemporary trends in art, architecture, language, literature, and religion. How did Catharine Beecher and Elizabeth Cady Stanton differ in their views regarding the roles of women amidst this change?

Topic: Social reforms - American exceptionalism Thesis: In this essay, I will discuss the ways in which people during the first half of the nineteenth century reformed standing institutions because of the ideals of American exceptionalism.

Context: Second Great Awakening; Market Revolution; Examples: push for slavery reforms; immigration - nativism; Dorthea Dix; Webster's dictionary; natural paintings - literature dealing with Native Americans; banks built in Roman architecture (columns) big institutions

Catharine Beecher: created schools for women - educating them in domesticity; believed that American women had a duty (republican motherhood) to remain within their domestic roles (sphere)

Elizabeth Cady Stanton: for women's right (suffrage) wealthy; typical mother - housewife; many children; husband would often leave her; Seneca Falls