We will examine the primary sources included in CV CH. 2, "Revolt on the Virginia Frontier: Nathaniel Bacon and William Berkeley."

Look for:

  • The main point (or points) of the document.
  • The intention of both the author and of Hollitz for including this source.
  • Key quotes that point to Hollitz's argument for the chapter.

We will use Hollitz's lead essay to "set up" a quote featured in that source.

  • Examples: John Hollitz argues that clashes between colonists and the Indians created further disruption in the colonies' government as evidenced in Grievances Submitted to the King's Commissioners (1677), "It is conceived there hath been near 300 Christian persons barbarously murdered by the Indians ... We were informed that the commanders of the said soldiers had order not to molest an Indian ... Such leniency gave the Indians encouragement to persist in their bloody practice." (Hollitz, 32).

Berkeley urged, [use quote by Berkley]. Thus, Hollitz's assertion that [use summation of Hollitz's argument].