The Market Revolution:

Who did it involve? working class (skilled laborers, agricultural sector) ; The Boston Associates ; Lowell ; Hamilton

What is it? shift from a pre-market economy to a market economy; shift from producing one product in the home compared to piece-meal of product (specialization of one particular skill) - cost of labor cheaper / lesser value of work capability / prices for goods went down / unskilled labor led to high turn-over / demand for faster production / competition / price for skilled labor went way up which led to the demise of their work / gender shifts in the workplace

When did it happen? early to mid 1800s

Why did it happen? population growth demanded more goods at a more affordable price

Why is it significant? led to the use of child labor within the factories / decline in alcohol sales - temperance / signified a major shift from agricultural to an industrialized economy / use of machinery...... fundamentally changed the ways in which the American people worked / nativist culture arose out of market economy - demand in more immigrant labor