Pages 49-104, I Am A Man

  • Who/What are some of the major characters, places, or events in your text?
  • Can you draw out any historical themes from the text; such as the ones you were asked to write about in your essays. (Age, race, class, beliefs, ideologies...)

Using the four concepts of historical significance that Dr. Munoz introduced you to in large lecture...

  • Make a list
  • Divide into groups of five.
    • Apply the four elements of historical thinking to your group's designated character, place, event, and/or theme.
    • Create a brief paragraph describing your character and/or theme. Be sure to include a few examples giving evidence to your definition.
      • Ex: U.S. soldiers(who) were encamped in and around the Ponca village where the upper Missouri met the Niobrara River of Nebraska(where). It was late March 1877 (when) and they were stationed there to ensure the hasty removal(what) of some 750 Ponca from their homeland to their designated settlement at the Quapaw Reservation in Indian Territory. These soldiers, some of whom fought four years in a Civil War to liberate one race of peoples, were now forcing the unceremonious subjugation of another. In this narrative, they represent the United States' unapologetic cruelty toward native populations and the force the government was willing to use had the natives refused removal (why).

Your group will have 25 minutes to formulate your brief paragraphs.

Share with the class. While groups are presenting their paragraphs, you need to be recording the four elements revealed. This skill will help you as you read the next two chapters (which covers the trial).

This will also help you prepare for your History exam over this text on the 27th.