"The past is everything that ever happened to anyone anywhere. There is much too much history to remember all of it. So how do we make choices about what is worth remembering?" - Center for the Study of Historical Consciousness

While watching the video, take out a sheet of paper and list the reasons why Starita argues Standing Bear is significant.

Starita took the time to put this history "into context." What does that mean? What is context?

In his TED Talk, Starita spoke about the importance of stories; why stories like Standing Bear's need to be told.

However seemingly insignificant a story may be, it becomes significant when it enacts change (whether politically, socially/culturally, or economically).

  • What is your story? Think about the past decade of your life...maybe even further into your childhood.
  • What in your life has happened that is "worth remembering"?
  • Are there any defining moments (micro-narratives) in your past that was profound, that shaped your character and sense of self?
  • Out of those things, are there connections that you can make within certain aspects of a larger history (meta-narrative) of your story? In other words, what was the end result?

As you think about these questions, and eventually write about these questions for your Historical Significance Essay, you are conducting yourself in a social manner, in a rhetorical manner (first Threshold Concept!!).