Last week, we conducted an exercise in Seminar where I asked you to look at a list of events, people, and other phenomena. I wanted you to consider those that you were interested in pursuing as your topic of research.

Listen carefully to the instructions...

  • Be sure to use the page constructed as a tool to drive/direct your searches online.
    • Using any technological device, navigate the Bell Library website to find:
      • 1 primary source
        • In choosing this source, it will need to be one that represents your topic. You should be able to contextualize this source, providing sufficient background information. Your source should represent the time / atmosphere (political, social, and economic) in question.
      • 1 secondary source that aids in your analysis
        • Here, too, you will need to be careful in your choices. This source should be written by an academic expert of your topic and the time/people/atmosphere at hand.