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Classes such as History is a Humanities course which teaches certain skills that are transferable and even marketable in other fields of study (and for future employment).

Humanities courses encourages traits such as:

*Using Creative and Critical Thinking (questioning truths and non-truths)
*Utilizing Knowledge About the World Around Us (to make informed decisions in the present/future)
*Gaining an Understanding of the Human Experience (empathy)


Choose one of these skills:

1) Illustrate how the skill you chose was most prevalent in this first half of the semester in relation to your view of American History.

*Use specific evidence from large lecture and Seminar to substantiate your claim. You will need to provide examples and make connections to both classes in your response.

2) Explain how you can utilize this skill to understand (or connect to) the present

*Here, I want you to think about modern day dilemmas in American society and explain how the skill gained by taking this course has broadened (or not) your perspective or understanding of the nation's present experience (atmosphere)

***Please be thoughtful, making meaningful connections to the present

3) Lastly, relate '''how''' the skill you chose is transferable

*How can you use this skill in your future career? Can you? Why/why not?