Under Executive Order #9066 (Feb. 1942), 110,000-120,000 persons of Japanese descent were forcibly removed from their homes on the Pacific coast (mainly California) and resettled in interment camps in the nation's interior.

62% were U.S. citizens.

  • Use your historical imagination and watch the following video.
    • Imagine yourself in Texas, 1942. Pearl Harbor was just attacked (reimagine 9/11) by the Japanese. You sit down at a movie theatre to watch Casablanca but first, you'd see this message from the U.S. War Department.
  • Answer the following questions:
    • How did fear play a part in the removal and internment of Japanese Americans?
    • Who did the War Department consider as possible threats to the country?
      • Native born of Japanese descent
      • Alien
      • Both
    • Where did the military claim most Japanese Americans lived during this time?
    • What were the three stages of removal?
    • What was the process?
    • Describe the internment facilities. What was it like?
    • How would you describe life in these internment facilities?

Thinking about things covered in Composition:

  1. Who was the author of this video?
  2. Who was the audience?
  3. What was the purpose?
  4. In what way did the author explain the internment of the "American children of Japanese descent?"
  5. In what way did music aid in this explanation and with what purpose?