Read this!!

Divide into groups of 4

  • Each group member represents a person within a median family of 4 people (a couple and two children / a couple, a child, and an elderly family member / single parent with three children / two elderly and a couple...scenarios are endless)
  • You are each responsible for making a list of the personal provisions you would have taken with you, forced to gather your things and "relocate"
  • You must justify each of your choices, giving reasons for why you chose your provisions
  • Remember you may only bring what YOU CAN CARRY:
    • Bedding (no mattresses)
    • Toilet articles
    • Clothing and Extra Clothing
    • Kitchen Items - no cookware
    • "Essential Personal Effects"

Group discussion: Reflecting on what you have in your ownership now, could you and your family do this? Could you and your family pick up and leave?

  • Think about it:
    • You would be restricted from going outside of your neighborhood after 8 a.m. tomorrow morning. No such thing as WalMart? back then!
    • You would then have 6 days to dispose of your entire household and only pack what you can carry.
      • You would have to leave/sell/dispose/give away your furniture.... your electronics.... your car.... your home.... your land.... your business... your animals (cat/dog/horse/idk!)...