First-Year Research Conference 2019

Place: UC Anchor Ballrooms (A, B, C, and D)

Date: Thursday, April 25, 8-5 PM (sessions last 45 minutes, and begin every 30 minutes)

Schedule: The complete schedule of presentations for the 2019 FYRC will be posted by mid-April! (Here is the program Δ for the 2018 First-Year Research Conference)


  • Applications Due: Friday, March 22, by noon.
    • Decision/judging: March 25-29
    • Participants notified: By April 1
  • Link to application (Office Forms)
  • REVISE & RESUBMIT Due: Monday, April 8, by 5pm
    • If you are asked by the reviewers to resubmit your proposal, please refer to the following REVISED PROPOSAL SUBMISSION FORM.
      • Note: In order for your application to be considered further after April 1, you must have received notification via email that your application is eligible to be revised and resubmitted.

Attendees & Presenters

  • Please remember that each session lasts for a full hour. In order to be polite, you must enter the room on time and stay for all the presenters to complete their presentations before you leave.
  • Please silence all cell phones and electronic devices and do not take calls or text during the presentations.
  • Review sheets for audience members are provided at the door. Be sure to fill them out and turn them in to your seminar instructor. In most cases, you are expected to review one hour's worth of presentations.
  • Remember that conferences are sites for intellectual exchange, so try to engage the speakers with questions at the end of their presentations. The panel chair will facilitate Q&A.
  • All presenters should wear appropriate business/semi-formal attire and should practice their presentations to ensure a professional delivery.
  • Guests may be invited to attend the sessions.
  • If for any reason you cannot present when scheduled, contact Brandi Kutil at 825-3456/ as soon as possible.

First-Year Research Conference Program with abstracts and times for each presentation will be posted here about two weeks before the conference

Application Procedures

  1. The FYRC application must be filled out and submitted online.
  2. Upon completing the application, the submitter will receive a confirmation email at the primary email address they entered.
  3. If evidence of completion is needed for a course:
    1. Take a picture or screenshot of the "Thank You" screen upon submitting the application
    2. Forward your professor the confirmation email you will receive once you submit the application, OR
    3. Complete the following form and submit it to your First-Year Seminar, Writing & Rhetoric, or Foundations of Communication professor.

Application Requirements

  • Fill out and submit the by noon on Friday, March 22nd!

The application form asks for:

  • Presentation title
  • Presentation format
  • Professor (the primary First-Year Seminar, Writing & Rhetoric, or Foundations of Communication professor who told you about the FYRC and/or is helping you develop your presentation)
  • 50-word presentation abstract
  • Presentation description (must include credible references and/or evidence of primary research). Description word count must be:
    • 150 words for video projects
    • 150 words for 15-minute presentations
    • 300 words for 45-minute panels
  • Names, emails, and cell numbers of all presenters, presentation titles (for proposals involving more than one person), English/Seminar faculty (whoever teaches the class where your project was assigned)
  • Equipment needs. All rooms will have a projector + computer with internet. Let us know if you need something in addition to that.
  • Your schedule: the hours you will be available to present on Thursday April 25th

Presentation Abstract
50 words that provide an overview of your presentation. Abstracts will be published in the conference schedule and the FYRC website, so they should attract your audience's attention. Think rhetorically! How will you get your peers to come hear about your research and/or creative project?

Presentation Description
The presentation description must include credible references and/or evidence of primary research. References will be entered in a separate box, and do not count toward your minimum word count. Reference citations and entries may be in any recognizable disciplinary citation style (APA, MLA, etc.) NOTE: If you are unsure which style guide you should use, consult your professor or visit the CASA Writing Center.

  • 150 words for video projects (No more than 10 minutes)
  • 150 words for individual or group 15-minute presentations
  • 300 words for 45-minute group panels

Your proposal and presentation must be accessible to a college-educated but interdisciplinary group, and should inform the readers about the key points/claims to be made during the presentation. Both informative and argumentative presentations are welcome, but all presentations must be based on primary or secondary research.

Proposal Judging
Applications are anonymized before judges begin evaluating them. Therefore, proposals must be well written to compete with the other submissions. Your presentation description, while short, will be the only means the judges have to decide whether to accept or reject your application. Your professor(s) will have no influence over the judging process. Please carefully write and edit your presentation description and abstract, and be sure to include properly formatted references to creditable sources for your information.

15-minute Presentations
Presentations may be given individually or as groups and should inform an interdisciplinary audience. They may be given in the form of PowerPoint and/or spoken presentations with films or handouts depending on the conventions of the discipline and decisions of the speaker(s). Each presentation should last approximately 10 minutes. If you are presenting a short film, please plan to introduce the video and expand on the topic as appropriate for a 10 minute presentation. We will allow an additional 5 minutes for questions after each presentation.

45-minute Panels
A panel, unlike a group presentation, would have the entire 45 minute session to themselves (usually made up of three 10-15 minute presentations, though you may choose to alter this format). Any group proposing a themed panel should provide proposals for each speaker and make it clear that they are thematically connected and meant to be presented together. All proposals for the panel must be submitted together with "45 minute panel" marked appropriately on the application form.

Proposals describing short films or "public service announcements" may be submitted for showing. These must be made as part of coursework for ENGL 1302, COMM 1311, or UCCP 1101/1102 and made by first-year students. All films must be posted to YouTube or brought on a flash drive. Films must not depict illegal activity, obscenity, pornography, or any activities that violate the Student Code of Conduct or Islander Pledge.

Preparation & Revision
The First Year Programs office strongly recommends the use of rehearsal, peer review, writing center visits, and/or consultations with your instructors to prepare for this presentation. In that spirit, we have provided the resources below:

For more information, email Brandi Kutil at or