In groups of four:

1) Use the Bell Library website and find information on one of the following historical events in the colonial period.

  • Founding of Jamestown
  • Puritans in Massachusetts
  • Natives in New England, 1600s
  • The American Revolution
  • You can use your own technical device for this task.

2) Once you have found the book/article, find:

  • Who's the author?
  • When was it written?
  • What's the main topic of the source?
  • Is the author making an argument? What is the argument? Read the abstract!!

3) As a group, create a one to two sentence synopsis of the work you each chose. It must include the information from task 2 and the title.

4) Finally, what can be said about the secondary sources you picked? Is there a common thread in theme or through the ways in which the author studies the topic? Are they mainly social, political, or economic perspectives?

5) Turn in at the end of class. If time permits, each group will share their synopsis with the class.