In groups of four:

1) Use the Bell Library website and find information on one of the many books and/or articles written by Dr. Munoz.

  • You can use your own technical device for this task.

2) Once you have found the book/article, find either:

  • The Topic:
    • Who/What, When, and Where the book is based? - What is the book/article about?


  • The Argument:
    • Why - Why did Dr. Munoz write this book/article? Why is it important to history?

-- If you are having trouble finding this information, use the Bell Library's online databases to find articles or scholarly reviews about the book.

3) As a group, create a one to two sentence synopsis of the work you chose. It must include the information from task 2 and title.

4) Turn in group synopsis for participation and attendance.

5) If time permits, each group will share their synopsis with the class.