First-day Virtual Scavenger Hunt!!

  1. Divide into groups of 4 or 5.
  2. Using your electronic devices, work to find out about the different TAMUCC services listed below.
    • You will have 25 minutes and must provide evidence of your "travels" by answering the questions on the handout provided.
    • Be sure to correctly correlate the destination with the questions. This activity is geared toward associating you a bit more with the Island!!


  1. Your Blackboard page for Seminar (search TAMUCC Blackboard)
  2. Your Islander Email
  3. Bell Library
  4. iEngage website
  5. Islander Athletics website
  6. TAMUCC Events Calendar
  7. Izzy's Food Pantry website
  8. TAMUCC CASA website
  9. Counseling Center website
  10. University Health Center website
  11. What's with the PARKING!!??
  12. University Center website
  13. Writing Center site
  14. First-Year Learning Communities main website
  15. My wiki page!!