But first... I am a Man

What is your reaction to this video? What stood out to you? Did you recognize anyone in the video?

What effect did the death of White Buffalo Girl have on Standing Bear's Ponca tribe?

Questions for the next section of reading:

Use these questions to guide you through the reading next week.

  • How is the use of mixed blood interpreters a tactic to relocate natives? Why is consent important?
  • What is the difference between mixed blood Indians and full bloods like Standing Bear?
  • Why did their white neighbors react so strongly to their removal?
  • How did the local media pay attention to the Poncas' plight and why?
  • Name several reasons why receiving a presidential medal was significant. Is Jefferson's portrait on the medal meaningful?
  • Starita moves between the past and present connecting the ancestors stories with that of their descendants. What connections is he trying to make between the two?
  • How does Starita's approach (connecting past and present) highlight the significance of Standing Bear's journey to justice?

  • What do the maps in chapters three and four show? Why would Starita include them?
  • How might you use the map(s) as evidence in your potential essay for the exam?

Use the maps!!