Let's talk about the Louisiana Purchase. Wait...what? (p. 5-6)

How/Why did President Jefferson's view of native populations change over time? (p. 10)

Who were the Ponca (Sacred Head People)? (p. 14)

What was the relationship between the Ponca and the U.S.? (p. 28)

What affect did the end of the Civil War have on the native population in the West? (p. 32)

Inspector Kemble: "In dealing with Indians, we must sometimes do as we do in dealing with children--must make allowances for peculiarities, such as childishness and indifference to their own welfare, and may have to decide for them what is best for them, and exercise a sort of peremptory influence over them, in order to bring them to see things correctly...as white men see them." (p. 45)