On a piece of paper, answer the following:

  1. What letter grade do you feel you received on the History exam?
  2. What letter grade did you hope to receive?
  3. How many hours did you spend to prepare for the exam? Do not include time spent in Seminar.
  4. Looking back at your first exam experience (sitting through lecture, note-taking, Seminar, individual preparation), how did you work to absorb the information being discussed?
    • This is an excercise in metacognition, the process of thinking about thinking.
      • How did you plan out your semester? Think about time spent on thinking, reading, preparing, and writing for / about History. Was it enough?
      • Did you feel anxious about the exam? What about it made you feel anxious? Conversely, if you were not worried, why did you feel so confident?
      • What (if anything) do you plan to do differently for Exam II?