Questions, comments, concerns...

Daily task(s):

  • Note check!
    • Discussion
      • With a partner or two, discuss what was learned in large lecture last week:
        • What were some of the highlights?
        • What were some of the connections Dr. Munoz made to the text and the exam?
  • Blowout discussion!
    • With a different set of partners:
      • Make a mind-map of the question designated to your group.
      • Create a visual for the points, connections, and information for each
      • Share your map with the class


  • Quiz over chapters 6&7 is Wednesday, April 25th
  • Mid-Process Draft of Exam III due in Seminar on Monday, April 30th
  • Final Portfolio due Wednesday, May 2nd
  • Exam III is Monday, May 7th @ 8am