Questions, comments, concerns...

Daily task(s):

Mid-Process Draft

  • With a partner answer the following questions:
    • What part of the essay did you find the easiest?
    • What part of the essay did you struggle?
    • Do you feel that you answered each question fully and in-depth?
      • What are some areas in which you can improve your essay?
  • Exchange your essay with your partner.
    • Have them read the part of the essay you are struggling with the most.
    • Give them feedback on areas they can improve.
  • With another partner:
    • Exchange the examples used in the paragraph relating to Sal Castro's significance.
    • Exchange the examples used in the paragraph(s) relating to comparing the walkouts to other movements in the Civil Rights era.
    • Exchange ideas on how to connect Sal Castro's journey of justice to Standing Bear's and those interned during WWII.



Final Portfolio due Friday, May 4th @ midnight

Exam III is on Monday, May 7th @ 8am