Welcome to Learning Community N!!

Why are you here and WTHeck is Seminar???

What is LC N?

A bit about me...


On the index cards I handed to you please tell me your:

  1. Name
  2. Major
  3. High School and Hometown
  4. One or two sentences telling me why you are in college and what you hope to do once you graduate
  5. One or two sentences telling me what you are passionate about (Social activities, hobbies, etc.)


First day activity


  1. Start reading! You DO NOT want to get behind in reading for History and Composition. Be sure to refer to your syllabi to find the assigned pages.
  2. Take notes - next week, we'll talk about some best practices in note-taking for reading and lectures.
  3. Be sure to bring your bio notecards on Wednesday - you will need them!
  4. We will be reviewing LC syllabi on Wednesday as well, so bring them!