This activity is for YOU! Although, by this time, most of you have taken tours during orientation, this activity will further your knowledge of our campus. Each group will have 35 minutes to travel to as many locations as possible. We will reconvene in the classroom after 35 minutes (I will check roll for the day once everyone has returned). Each location is worth a certain number of points ranging from 5-10 points each. The group who has accumulated the most points will be given a prize at our next class meeting!

I will divide the class into groups of five or six. Each group is responsible for proving they have been to a location. Yes, I am asking for evidence of your travels!!

  • You will need to pick someone to be "The Photographer." This person will need to have a phone capable of taking pictures of their group at each location. These pictures are your evidence and will be uploaded to our Triad E Facebook page. I will tally your points according to your evidentiary pictures posted on Facebook, so be sure to upload them all.
  • You will need to pick someone to be "The Guide." This person is responsible for holding onto the map and location list, which I will provide to each group. This person should be comfortable giving directions to their group and also be willing to listen to their group members in their search for each site on the list. Each group will turn in their map and their location list. Put your names on these documents as these, too, will be part of the evidence you provide.
  • Finally, pick someone to be "The Look-out." This person is responsible for searching for the "Detour" sign at each location. There are two sites on your location lists that have a "Detour." More info is listed below!

RULES of the game:

  • Be considerate!! Your travels will lead you to several locations that are meant to be for quiet studying. Please be aware of your surroundings and do not be disruptive.
  • Be polite!! You will be weaving in and out of buildings and, hopefully, walking at a fast pace. Say "Excuse me" when needed!
  • Don't get me in trouble!!

A listing of location sites will be given to each group. Again, keep up with this paper. You will turn it in to me once you've returned to our classroom (CS 114).

There are two Detours!!

  • At two sites, you will see a sign that says, "Amazing Race Detour" where you will find a brightly colored envelope. Within each envelope is a site that is not on your location list. You will have the choice of staying on course, traveling to the remaining sites on your location list, or you can choose to take the "Detour."
  • If your group chooses to deviate from the list, you will be rewarded. One site is worth 15 points and the other is worth 20 points! Like the rest of the list, I will not tell you which site is worth what.

Good Luck, Contestants!!!


Be sure to bring Contending Voices to seminar on Wednesday!! Take notes on the pages assigned. We will be going over this reading and will be preparing for your Quiz.

On Friday, Sept. 4 you will have your first quiz in History. 5 Ws!!

Blue books Due to me!