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Daily task(s):

  • Composition
    • What have you talked about in Comp?

Transition - How can we apply what you've learned in Composition toward your History essay?

  • History
    • ID discussion
    • Essay Q #1
      • The Civil War had resolved the nation’s greatest racial question, that of slavery. However, Americans in the second half of the 19th century continued to deal with the questions about the role of race and
      • the relationships between different races and ethnic groups in American society.
      • We discussed American issues of race and ethnicity after the war
        • in the South,
        • in Northern cities,
        • in the West,
        • on the Great Plains, and
        • also while Americans were abroad.
      • In which of these areas do you think American ideas about race had the most effect upon the development of the nation?
        • In your answer be sure to discuss race relations in at least three of the regions listed above.



  • When is your History exam?
  • Have you collected any ICPs? yet?
  • Don't slack up on your reading for Composition.