Exam Prep!

Activity with Chronologies

Unpacking your essay questions!



SI - Daniel Yzaguirre is offering Supplemental Instruction for Dr. Wooster's History course THREE DAYS A WEEK!!

  • Monday: 5-5:50pm ECDC 219B (second floor of the elementary school next to O'Connor)
  • Thursday: 4-4:50pm EN 101 (Engineering Building next door to CASA and behind CS)
  • Friday: 3-3:50pm CI 138 (History lecture room)

--Be sure to show up to Daniel's sessions prepared (bring your notes, textbooks, and any other study aides) and ready to have an in-depth discussion about Dr. Wooster's course. As Daniel informed you, he is not there to give you answers or tell you what is on the test (he doesn't know!!) but is there to aid you in being a successful student.

History EXAM #1 is Friday, Feb. 19th! Bring your lecture notes, reading notes, and CV textbook to class Wednesday as we will continue to prepare for your exam.

Essay practice in Comp! - Professor Bray is willing to allow you to practice writing essay question #4 in her class on Wednesday. Go prepared to write it out like you would for the Exam!

  • Movie tonight - The Big Lebowski
  • Poetry Reading Thursday night - Celebrating Black History Month