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Daily task(s):



  • How (when) does change occur?
    • Historically, one gauges Change/Time
      • What was the main effect of Bacon's Rebellion?
        • How did Bacon and his followers create or develop change?


  • How can we apply this idea of change to FDR's 1933 Inaugural Speech?
    • First we must contextualize this moment in history - what was occurring at the time?
      • Depths of the Depression
        • Knowing a bit more of what life was like for the poor and even the most revered Americans during this era, what impact would FDR's speech have on the nation?
        • What tools did FDR use to reach those most impacted by the Depression?

Re-consider the effect of FDR's speech - and hence why Dr. Costanzo chose to use it during large lecture

  • What is our knowledge of how Roosevelt rejected this idea of "fear?"
    • What did HE do to create change?



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