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CrystalBallard: MondayFebruary29

Questions and concerns regarding the Critical Analysis?

Start of Exam II terms

  1. INTRO: Topic of chapter
  2. Context Paragraphs
    • multiple ways of approach
    • how does Hollitz present the background information?
    • what do the sources the author chose say about his approach?
    • what argument is Hollitz making?
    • is his approach problematic? (is his interpretation leaning in one way or another?
  3. Content Paragraphs: primary sources
  4. Analysis Paragraph
  5. Conclusion


Large lecture will not meet on Friday, March 4th. In lieu of class, you will be meeting with Professor Bray and I in her office.

A detailed outline of your Critical Analysis is due on Wednesday, March 2nd. You must turn in your outline at the beginning of Seminar to receive credit. I will give you back your outlines on Friday during our conferences so that you may use it write your analysis.

SI Daniel Yzaguirre

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