Welcome Back!!

Daily Tasks:

  • Turn in your Index Cards
  • What were your first impressions? What do you think of the Triad so far?
    • Tell me something in your reading (from either Composition or History) that made an impact?
    • Did anything in the reading stand out to you?
    • Did you learn anything new? or nah?
  • Assemble the Due Dates!!
  • I Am a Man <------Refer to this page when reading the first portion of the text!!

Let's Break Some Ice, Shall We?



  • Be aware of assignments due in Comp!
  • READ!!
  • Assignment Countdown:
    • Mid-Process Draft (MPD) of Historical Significance Essay due Monday, February 5th.
    • Final draft due Friday, February 9th.
      • You will also need to turn in TWO Bluebooks by the 9th as well!!

Tiny homework

On the Island