Syllabus handout


  • Divide into your writing groups.
  • Come up with 5 questions about the syllabus. Include questions you may have regarding assignments, due dates, class guidelines, or expectations of your participation in this course.
  • Discussion of your concerns.



Reading Facilitations

  • Take 5 minutes to talk amongst your group members about which chapters from Contending Voices you all will present for your Reading Facilitation.
  • You may choose any reading from the textbook that correlates with the assignments for Dr. Wooster's course.



Blue Books due FRIDAY

Make sure you have read and taken comprehensive notes on Ch. 1 of your CV textbook by Wednesday. I will be presenting an activity (much like the one you will create for your Reading Facilitations) to discuss the conquest of the Americas. BRING YOU CV TEXTBOOK TO CLASS ON WEDNESDAY!!

History QUIZ on Friday, January 29th.

  • Countdown! Next written assignment due: Monday, February 8th (Draft of Rhetorical Analysis due in my class for peer-review session.)