Questions, concerns... How is your Critical Analysis coming along?


  • 180: Reading Facilitation - Masters of the Universe, Ch. 8 "The Fruits of the Factory System: Sarah Bagley and Nathan Appleton" and exit slip


Critical Analysis Checklist

  • Remember that correct citation and formatting are considered important by academic audiences. You are writing your rhetorical analysis for an academic audience. Therefore, you should demonstrate your academic credibility (or ethos) by closely following and attending to the MLA Citation Guide. Critical Analysis Paper Assignment
  • Provide textual evidence for your argument by paraphrasing and citing Hollitz or the authors of your primary sources.
  • The Quotation Formation:
    • Always begin with your idea, point, or claim.
    • Next put in the quote. Use a signal phrase.
    • Explain how the quoted material relates to or illustrates your point.
  • CONTEXT IS IMPORTANT! You need to include at least 3-4 substantive paragraphs of context.
    • What was happening in the large scheme of things? Remember those lenses - Political actions and Economic actions taken
    • What context did Hollitz include and what does this say about his argument? (Include this part in your analysis paragraphs)
    • What does this context say about how the two historical actors responded to the debate?


181: It's a political party, y'all!!



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The final draft of your Critical Analysis is due on Wednesday at the BEGINNING of large lecture. Once Dr. Wooster has started his lecture, I cannot take your draft as per TRIAD C policy.