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Daily task(s):

Communications - Individual Presentations start on the 26th

  • How are things going?

History - FYS workshop

  • Create your group
    • 180
    • 181
    • 182
    • Pick your topic (soft skill)
    • Use the library website to find sources related to your soft skill
    • Develop a working SLO



Bring at least three sources and a short description of these sources with you to class on Wednesday.

  • Be sure that you relate the sources to your topic (soft skill) and are able to explain how the source provides evidence to your claim.

FYS workshop this week and next

  • Be sure to be ready to present your SFD of your presentation on Monday, November 19th
    • Mock-up presentation board review....Bring your boards or pictures of your board to Seminar! DO NOT GLUE ANYTHING DOWN!!! Use tape to secure any visuals that you want on your board or just bring them with you.

FYS is Friday, November 30th

Final Reflection is on Wednesday, December 5th (Last day of class)

Exam III is on Monday, December 10th at 8am