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Review of Supplemental Lecture Assignment

Exam Review

Essays 2 and 3

Essay 2

Many American sought to create a distinctly American republic during the first half of the nineteenth century. Discuss these efforts, making sure to explain the economic and demographic contexts in which they occurred as well as contemporary trends in art, architecture, language, literature, and religion. How did Catharine Beecher and Elizabeth Cady Stanton differ in their views regarding the roles of women amidst this change?

240 241

Essay 3

Sectional rivalries in the United States greatly increased during the administrations of Franklin Pierce and James Buchanan. Discuss these tensions, making sure to discuss the attempts by the Pierce administration to expand the United States, the Kansas-Nebraska Act, the resulting crisis in Kansas, the roles played by Sara Robinson and David Atchinson during these events, and the Dred Scott case.

240-essay 3 241-essay 3?

Surveys It's that time of semester when you are asked to fill out surveys in class to let us know how we did this semester. I need a volunteer to collect the surveys (don't read them!!) and turn them into Norma Canales in the First-Year office in the FC next to Starbucks (where my office is located). Norma's desk is on the back wall as soon as you walk in.


Wednesday's class is optional. We will be reviewing for the exam at 9am. Depending on the number of students that show, we may have to move the class next door to rm #115 as it sits around 50 students.

Portfolio is due Monday, November 30th. I suggest you get the majority of it finished this week as you will not be wanting to do it over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Last day of class is Monday, November 30th.

Be sure to bring your history notes to Ms. Bray's class on Monday as you will be outlining, preparing, and writing essay #4 of the exam during Composition. I asked Ms. Bray to cover this essay as I have a good feeling it will be one of the two essay questions on your exam.

Final exam for Wooster is Wednesday, December 9th @ 8am.

SI - If you attend SI this week (he will only hold one session on Monday afternoon) and give me proof (slips from CASA signed and stamped by Daniel) that you attended, I will add three points to your final point totals for Seminar. This can make up for an absence, or help make up for a really rough "shitty first draft," or for not participating in class. If you go, bring the signed slips to me on November 30th during Seminar.

  • SI Sessions with Daniel Yzaguirre
    • Monday, Island Hall (IH) 160 4-4:50pm
    • Wednesday, Science and Engineering (EN)104 5-5:50 pm
    • Friday, Island Hall (IH) 160 2-2:50pm
      • Show up prepared with your lecture notes, textbooks and most importantly- QUESTIONS! :)
      • Make sure you plan to go to SI sessions weekly! It has been proven to help students increase their course grades by at least a letter grade!