Chronology yo

Registration Rundown

Step 0: Check out your degree plan

Step 1: Select a learning community!

  • To see the list of options, go here:
  • Select:
    • Spring 2016
    • All Subjects
    • Triad/Tetrad
  • The sections with the same "Triad Group" (1C, etc) are linked. There are a TON of options!
  • Write down the CRN, course/section, and day/time on your game plan for ALL of the learning community courses! Come up with at least one back-up plan!
  • NOTES:
    • You MUST sign up for all of the courses in a learning community! :)
    • Some learning communities contain ENGL 1302, some do not. Pick one that's appropriate for you.

Step 2: Select your remaining courses

  • Go back to the main schedule page here:
  • Select:
    • Spring 2016
    • <Course Subject>
    • All Courses
  • Use this process to identify the courses you need to take and select your ideal choices to write on your game plan. Make sure to have back-up plans!

Step 3: Take care of your holds

  • You won't be able to move onto Step 4 until you get rid of ALL of your holds. (They don't disappear if you just try to ignore/avoid them!)

Step 4: Register

  • SAIL ( opens up at MIDNIGHT for registration on your assigned day
  • Login and click on:
    • Student → Registration → Add or Drop Classes
    • Verify any requests (for Code Blue information, etc) and select "Spring 2016" as the term
  • Registration page:
    • In the spaces provided, enter the 5-digit Call Number (CRN) for each class you would like to add to your schedule.
    • Once you have entered the Call Numbers for all courses you desire to take, click on Submit Changes.
    • You can "web drop" a class on this page if needed. It doesn't count against you.

What if you get registration errors?

  • You might have a typo. Try again.
  • Read the error to see what it is. If you can figure out the issue -- great! If not, talk to me or an advisor ASAP!
  • Possible errors:
    • The class is already full. That can happen. Time for your back-up plan.
    • You somehow mismatched your LC classes or a lecture/lab combination. Check out the listing on the Class Schedule to make sure you're matching the right classes.
    • The class is restricted to certain majors/levels/types of students. Check out the listing on the Class Schedule to see if that's the case.
    • You don't have the required prerequisite for the course. This happens a lot with math classes, even if you do have the proper prerequisites. Frustrating, I know.
  • Dr. Rita's (Seminar Coordinator) Advice: Sign up for what you can to hold your spots in the classes you ARE able to register for. You can always change them later if needed.

Thanks to Rita Sperry for this fabulous step by step

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