Questions, comments, concerns....

Daily Run-down:


Exam II Terms

Reflection #2


Are you ready to turn in your I.A. proposal?

  • Questions, comments, concerns...


Where are you in Aleks?

  • You need to be at least over 110 topics!!



  • Your Choice Wednesday
    • Bring a draft of your I.A. proposal to class on Wednesday
      • If you do not bring a draft, you CANNOT take part in our in-class activity! Bring something even if it isn't complete!!!
    • Bring your Exam Review Guide and we'll work on gathering evidence for your essays.
  • I.A. Proposal due via your Seminar Blackboard page on Friday, Oct. 27th by midnight (11:59pm).
  • History Exam II is Wednesday, November 1st.
  • Reflection #2 due Friday, November 10th.
  • I.A. due Monday, November 13th.
  • Mock Presentations (need to have you board mostly complete) are on Monday, November 20th.