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Daily run-down:

Exam II Terms

  • History:
    • Let's navigate through some example cases for Reflection #1:
      • Divide into your writing groups and work through the court cases provided.
      • Be prepared to participate in a class discussion over your group's case.
        • Pay attention to the issue that was raised.
        • How did it pertain to the 14th Amendment?
        • What was the ruling?
  • Composition:
    • What is your understanding of information literacy?
      • What is that framework for / what does it address?
      • How do you apply it?
    • Are you ready to turn in your Midterm Portfolio?
  • Math:
    • Checkin' in!



  • Bring a draft of your Reflection to class with you on Wednesday.
  • Be sure you have all of your Discovery Logs and other documents ready for your Midterm Portfolio in Comp? - Due 10/14.
  • Keep up with your readings!
  • On the Island