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We are now in week SEVEN and all the hard work you have done thus far is starting to weigh heavily on you.

The Dreaded Burn-Out

What is "burn-out": The American Phychological Association's head of the APA's Healthy Workplace Program, David Ballard (no relation), describes it as "an extended period of time where someone experiences exhaustion and a lack of interest in things, resulting in a decline in their performance." (Forbes Magazine, April 1, 2013)

Symptoms of burn-out:

  1. Exhaustion: feeling tired all the time either emotionally, physically, or mentally
  2. Lack of Motivation: your enthusiasm is gone and coming to class is becoming harder and harder
  3. Frustration, Cynicism, and Negative Feelings: everything you have done or are doing isn't showing progress and pessimism has settled in
  4. Cognitive Problems: difficulty paying attention and/or solving problems, making decisions
  5. Slipping Performance: do you feel like you did better at the beginning of the semester?
  6. Interpersonal Problems: having more conflicts with others or have withdrawn from your group of friends
  7. Unhealthy Habits: not sleeping enough, drinking lots of coffee (GUILTY!!), being a leech once your home
  8. Decreased Satisfaction: generally unhappy
  9. Health Problems: declining health (sickness), digestive problems, depression

What to do:

  1. Take Relaxation Seriously: listen to music for a set amount of time every day, take a walk, ask your family to come down for a visit....just designate time to relax for a moment
  2. Cultivate a Life OUTSIDE of Your Coursework: find something engaging like a hobby, community outreach program, volunteering, working out, sports
  3. Unplug: set boundaries with your electronic devices: email, wiki, etc.
  4. Sleep: having fewer than six hours per night produces burnout - replenish your mind and body
  5. GET ORGANIZED: Prioritize, make a schedule and follow it, and create a system that works for you

So, on that note...

On your calendar handout:

  • Record the due dates for the remaining major and minor assignments in Ms. Bray's course.
  • Record the remaining exam dates for Dr. Wooster's course.
  • Look at your reading assignments for both courses and (feasibly) record times during the week that you will dedicate to reading and reviewing your notes.
  • Finally, designate a time once a week that you plan to do something fun or engaging (something other than coursework).
    • You can use this calendar to organize your schedule for your other classes as well...


The final draft of your Critical Essay is due at 10am today in Dr. Wooster's class.