Lecture Supplement Assignment #3 - Due at the beginning of class!

This assignment is intended to prepare you for the essay portion of the first exam. It is also intended for you to begin practicing what you have talked about in Ms. Bray's class; writing as a process.

  • Evidence
    • Be specific when explaining a concept
    • Work through and explain your evidence as if the person that is reading your essay has no understanding of the event, topic, etc.
    • Evidence from both your texts and the lecture is acceptable and a must!
    • See where you can make connections with different aspects of a topic.
    • Establish context before presenting evidence.
  • Structure
    • Write a scholarly essay with well-defined paragraphs (at least 6 sentences) that have
      1. a topic sentence
      2. establish context
      3. evidence
      4. interpretation
    • Be sure to introduce your topic and bring your essay to a close in the conclusion.

Students will break up into five groups (writing groups). Each group will cover one section of your Lecture Supplement Assignment (One group will discuss the "Introductory sentence," one will dissect How did the Spanish, French, and Dutch treat the Indians?, etc.)

You will have 12 Minutes to discuss and prepare the information you will present to the class. I am restricting you to only 12 minutes so that you get used to developing your ideas and conveying those ideas in written form in a timed setting (mimicking what you will be doing during the exam).

One person from each group will go up to the board and relay the information your group developed to the rest of the class. (I expect everyone to be taking notes!)

We will then come together as a class to discuss any gaps or missing facts not mentioned.

Announcements and Reminders

The first draft of your Critical Essay is due at the beginning of your Composition class on Friday, Sept. 18th. Final draft is due Monday, Oct. 5th.

The first examination is Friday, Sept. 25th.

Blue Books Be sure to bring me your Blue Books by Monday, Sept. 21st. This counts as a Supplemental Lecture grade!!

Books: If you have not gotten your books yet, there are several things that you can do so that you don't fall behind in the reading.

  1. Ask Financial Aid for an Emergency Book Loan
  2. Make copies of the reading at the library - books for both Wooster and Bray are on reserve at the Circulation Desk.
  3. Ask a neighbor to let you make copies of their book or borrow their books so you can at least read and write notes.
  4. Come see me during my office hours. I can make some copies for you but...

You have been summoned!! Next week (9/21-9/25) you will be expected to meet with Ms. Bray and Dr. Wooster during their office hours. You will not go individually, but as a group (writing group). Therefore, you need to get with the other members of your group to coordinate your schedules with your professors' schedules. If, for whatever reason, you can not figure out a time that works for everyone, you are responsible for getting with either Ms. Bray or Dr. Wooster to set an appointment. Do not go to these meetings unprepared!! Be sure to have questions ready! (Remember: Dr. Wooster will not give answers to the exam. Nor will he tell you which essays he'll be putting on the exam.)

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